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Assess your actions

New method for quantifying the GHG impact of an emissions reduction action

Whether this involves quantifying the GHG impact of an action prior to definition of an action plan, or else assessing its pertinence after-the-fact, this is a key exercise in legitimizing choices and investments.

ADEME proposes a method for quantifying the GHG impact (potential or real) of an emissions reduction action.

This method is complementary with the regulatory method, the ADEME guide for carrying out Territorial Climate & Energy Plans (PCET), and the Bilan Carbone® method.

Download the methodological guide here

 Alongside the aforementioned technical guide, ADEME also makes available various support documents for users (only french) :


Who is this method aimed at?

This is a technical document that is aimed at organizations implementing GHG emission reduction actions, and which wish to quantify the GHG impact of these actions.

The method is freely accessible. It presents in the most structured and didactic way possible the primary elements that constitute the state-of-the-art on this topic.


Its approach

3 methodological drill-down levels


Its structure

A sequential method in 8 stages

The proposed method is a sequential approach which helps in characterizing the targeted action, establishing the consequence tree for the action, and determining and carrying out the calculations enabling quantification.


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